More photos!
John and I shot some things. Mostly him riding his bike. Who would have thought?
Would like a wide instead of a fish eye, but then I also would like a Ferrari instead of a Pontiac.

John tbog

John 360

Setting Exposure
john lifestyle


Went and took some photomargaphs a few days ago. I have driven by here a lot of times, and I wanted to stop and shoot, so I finally did. It was so cold that my hands are now cracked and bleeding from being outside for 10 minutes. On the bright side, it looks like it is starting to warm up. (40º instead of 25º)
I really want to go back sometime with either an interesting person or a large format camera shooting to plates or maybe both. I should stop before I get into plate photography. I dont think I can afford that, and besides, Mom wouldn’t like me mixing chemicals in the basement.



landskape wires Wires Danger

I got a flash and went to bike night. Red Beard helped me out a ton and I learned a bunch of stuff. Who would have ever thought that the T3i can only sync with the first curtain unless you buy canon flashes? Well, I dont really have $500 to try some flash photography, so I will just have to figure out how to deal with it.

Not that you subscribed to my blog to get a constant update of my youtube feed. Maybe you did? I dont know, but anyway, this might be amusing/entertaining for the readers out there that dont care about the grind combinations or the newest hubs or how many lines per millimeter a lens can resolve.

Maybe next post will be about the amazing pulled pork and cornbread we had. Or this one can be. Needless to say, there isnt much left, so I cant show you a picture, but it was by far the best cornbread I have ever made. Anyway…

The cool part is that I learned you can photoshop videos in photoshop. Lens correction filters, de-noise, all that. Thats why this looks better.

glidecamI made a glidecam a few days ago. It worked for a while, but I didnt use enough glue on the bearing and it didnt hold up. I then bought some 5 min. epoxy, because I didnt feel like waiting for J.B. weld to cure for 48 hours. For some reason, my epoxy didnt work and stayed gooey for over a day (5 minutes?) so I cleaned it off and did it right with the J.B. Weld. I love that stuff. Annnyywayyy, It works pretty well. Balancing it works out really well, because when you flip out the lcd on the t3i, it pretty much makes balances the camera because the batterie is on the other side. Now, I am no Joe Simon over here, but I got josh to ride around for my while I tried to skate and operate a glidecam at the same time. It is kind of hard. If this post gets enough interest (traffic that I can turn into advertising $$) I will make a bit more of a how-to kind of guid with my thoughts on the matter. Or I will get a job and buy a real one so I dont have to run around with $600 of camera suspended by old bike parts and $4 of PVC pipe.

Watch it in 720p if you can, because youtube is good at making anything look bad.

Hip-Star hair

Thanks to Josh for going outside in the cold to ride his bike after being off bikes for about 4 monthes, just for me. What a nice guy.

Well, there were quite a few really good videos today. A little something for everyone. The first one is Jake P. at R.A.S.P. for Fit Bikes. Dan filmed it. If you are a local, this one os for you.

Next up, HarryMainia. If you like bmx, this one is for you.

Finally, we have this crazy video paid for by Mercaidez Benz. Some dude riding a big rock in a desert. High budget, well filmed crazy stuff. If you dont follow bmx, this one is for you.

I try not to post all the random videos to the blog, but Jake’s one seemed like it fit in, and then I figured I might as well put up the rest…

Have a good day everyone