Mike was stoked to go to the trails today. Come to find out, he was only interested in the hotdogs.
We got the box pretty much finished between arguing about basketball teams and trying to get mike to work. Other than that, we found out that we don’t know how to cook a hot dog. We did find clay though. That is going to make things a lot better. Unfortunately, we don’t have a wheel-barrow so we have to dig next to the jumps.

Nick surveying

Bear Looking



Uncle Boom Howzer cooking up some back-woods grubKetchupping

The only work Mike did?Mike and Nick working

Dog-faceMike Nick and Nick

Blackened dogMike walking

Little Wegmans run with Big Money himselfMike Shopping


We started digging again. We are renaming the trails Corn Bread Hills. Nick is Uncle Boom Howzer, Boom Hollar, what ever you want. We are deep in the backwoods of Rochester, and we are getting serious. Really, we are only in it for the excuse to grill food in the woods.


From now on, I am tagging all my posts with “hot babes” so I get more traffic

It was warm yesterday, and Mike wanted to ride. Then we took a pichur or two. Shooting into the sun is not fun. My eyes felt weird afterwards. And the Helios just falls apart. The flare is quite awful, and there is so much less contrast. Like, you don’t even understand. EVerything gets soft(er) too. Not your typical magazine cover shot as far as quality goes.
Of course Mike could still through the bars after not riding for months. In fact, he did a 180 bar before he did a straight bar-spin. I cant wait for summer when we can just go out and cruise in the warmth all day.

Mike bars two

More photos!
John and I shot some things. Mostly him riding his bike. Who would have thought?
Would like a wide instead of a fish eye, but then I also would like a Ferrari instead of a Pontiac.

John tbog

John 360

Setting Exposure
john lifestyle

Went and took some photomargaphs a few days ago. I have driven by here a lot of times, and I wanted to stop and shoot, so I finally did. It was so cold that my hands are now cracked and bleeding from being outside for 10 minutes. On the bright side, it looks like it is starting to warm up. (40º instead of 25º)
I really want to go back sometime with either an interesting person or a large format camera shooting to plates or maybe both. I should stop before I get into plate photography. I dont think I can afford that, and besides, Mom wouldn’t like me mixing chemicals in the basement.



landskape wires Wires Danger

I got a flash and went to bike night. Red Beard helped me out a ton and I learned a bunch of stuff. Who would have ever thought that the T3i can only sync with the first curtain unless you buy canon flashes? Well, I dont really have $500 to try some flash photography, so I will just have to figure out how to deal with it.