How to Make Nut Butter


This is a bit a departure from the usual posts, but I like to pretend that us BMXers are athletes so we can imagine that as an athlete we would want to eat for performance. That being said, making your own peanut butter is just fun.

This recipe works with all different nuts and you can experiment with different mixtures too. To start off you need about 2-3 cups of nuts. Here we are using almonds. You can roast them or use them raw. The last batch I did was roasted, this is raw. It is all personal preference. If you want to roast them, put the oven on like maybe 250-300 and just make sure you stir them around a lot so they dont burn. You can probably figure it out with google.

A note on getting nuts: Check the price by the pound and see if it is actually worth buying nuts instead of just buying natural butter. I happen to have this best friend that happens to work at a butter factory so I got the hookup on a box of almonds.

Pour them into the food processor, hit play and sit back. It will be really loud for about the first 10 seconds so maybe dont try this at 2 in the morning if there are people sleeping.Almond_-2

After blending for a few seconds, the nuts will look kind of like saw dust. Full of the husks and dry and kind of unappealing.Almond_-3

Let it go for a while longer and you will see product start to collect at the bottom of the food processor. This is good. I like to imagine that it is because as the nuts break down more, oil is released and thats why they have more of a butter consistency. I really have no idea though. Almond_-4

If you take a look now, it will be all grainy and almost like little beads of butter. This is good. Take a taste, it is like nut flour or something like that.


Now you want to add in some oil. Peanut oil, canola oil, coconut oil. Whatever you want, but probably leave out the teflon-based chain lubes. Probably also dont want olive oil because it is pretty strong.Almond_-5Just drizzle some in, let it blend a little, take a look and see if it looks like butter. I might have used about 2 teaspoons but I dont really know.


Reusing old glass jars is a great idea and then all your friends will be like, “Oh, he has the Wegmans butter that I like” but then you can be like, “Psych! It is homemade. Suckers! HAHHAHAHAHAH…” anyway, canning jars work well too if you can screw on a top.

You can stir in a little salt if you want. Make sure to grind it up if it is coarse. Almond_-9

Now you got some butter and you are all set for a samich-havin’ good time. Almond_-10

If anyone would like to collaborate and provide a jelly recipe, we could do like a dual butter and jelly recipe page that we could hack into a bread baking blog and post it there so that people can get all the essentials in one sweet place. That would be ideal.


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