The New Direction

Today I am starting a new direction on the blog. I will be writing about filming and photographing bmx, aimed at people like me who started riding and just like me, took up an interest in visual arts as a way to document and share the adventures they have with their friends. That is how I started and probably every professional filmer and photographer in bmx right now got their start in the same way. Picking up a camera and going out with their friends to capture the good times. So take a look, ask questions and get ready for some fun and informative articles that will cover everything from gear to shooting to editing.

You can check out the first instalment here: The BMX DSLR Gear and the rest will posted up on the menu as pages so they don’t get lost. I hope that you enjoy these and find them helpful. Feel free to post in the comments with any questions you might have, suggestions for future post or share your preferences and opinions and I will do my best to answer or help out.

And remember. Stay crispy.


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