Ezra Freecoaster

I was very excited to see this video in my facebook newsfeed this morning. I guess facebook is good for something? Anyway, the Ezra facebook page said that they have the hubs and are getting them ready to sell, so they will be out any day now.

The first thing I noticed about the hub is how small it is. It actually looks like a stock hub off a complete bike. The non-drive flange is smaller, so it will take two different spoke lengths. Something I am not a fan of. The axle is only going to be available in male for now, from what I have heard. It does seem like there is way to much axle sticking out from the nuts. Of course, this hub is for Karl, and e rides four pegs, so that wont matter much, but I personally like to have the least chance of skewering my ankles as possible. I did notice a very nicely provided allen key-broached axle though. That is the one thing I have missed since cutting down my KHE axle.

Now for the interesting part. The design is so simple, every other bike company is probably kicking themselves this morning. The hub its self is a standard cassette. The driver cavity (making up names for bike parts) is deeper than a normal cassette, but not by much. Then there seems to be a washer that goes on after the drive-side bearing. A spring rests on this washer, and then comes the interesting bit. A disk with slots cut into it. (see 0:36) This also has a triangle shaped boss. this goes on with the triangle facing out. Then comes the driver. The only difference between a normal driver and this one seems to be that the pawls stick out past the driver. These go into the slots on the triangle-bossed slotted disk. When the driver spins, the pawls slide along the slots. As they move to one end of the slot, the pawls are pushed up, and when they are brought to the other side, by back pedaling, the pawls retract.

I am happy to say that I did think that this is how the coaster would work. I am not saying that I thought this up first, just that I am happy that I kind of figured it out.

Of course, as I was writing this, I saw that The Merged had beat me to it (thats their job, right? They better post before me) They also had a video of how you can switch to a cassette hub. Very interesting. It also looks like it is right/left hand drive switchable. If it is, and it ends up being somewhat affordable (not $200 like Éclat) then this could very well be the go-to hub for the next few years.

Well, you could have gotten all that I just said from watching either one of those videos, but you wasted time reading what I wrote and then watching the videos. Sorry. Maybe you could watch them  in fast forward next time? Anyway, expect me to get one of these when they are available so I can shred er, shed some insight on it.


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