Cutting Down Axles

Yesterday I decided to cut my axles down because I was sick of all the extra length that is included on the KHE freecoasters. Once I got started, I also drilled out the axle, because it was only hollowed out about 1/4″ so I cut out quite a bit more than that. Also, I cut it down enough that I don’t need washers on the axle as I dont run pegs. If I ever do get around to attaching metal tubes to my bike to help me better vandalize other peoples property, I can cut it down all the way and drill and tap it for female bolts. 

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1 comment
  1. 4est said:

    Pretty sweet stuff.

    But vandalizing other people’s property? They have these awesome new things called skateparks. Lots of rails to grind!

    But who am I to talk, I can’t even bunny hop. 😉

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