Prototype Duo Plastic/Metal Pedals, or How to Zombify Your Old Plastic Pedals

Spotted on Corey Martinez’s bike, he has these crazy looking plastic pedals with metal pins in them.

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Actually, I did that my self, and I am going to give you the run down on how.

To start off, you need a set of metal pins from some old metal pedals, but not the odyssey style ones. You just want the little grub screw type on the shadow, demolition, hoffman or similar pedal.

You will also need a drill and the proper size bit. I used a 1/8th inch bit, so I would assume that you would too.

The first step is to take off your pedals. Next you will want to find the best place to put the pins. I chose to put four in each side, for a total of 16 pins. I went with putting them in-between the plastic pins on the Duo pedals, but if you grind your pins off, you might want to just put them in same place as the original pins. Then you need to find your self a nice flat place to put you pedals. I used the driveway, and stood on one side of the pedal and drilled the other side. When you drill you need to make sure you drill nice, straight holes, or the pins will be sticking out at all kinds of angles. Make sure you make the holes deep enough, but it is O.K.  to drill all the way through the pedal, just don’t hit the other side. The next step is the hardest part, you need to get an allen key and thread the pins in. They will tap by themselves, but it takes a bit of force to get them to start threading in. I have heard of heating the pins before putting them in and I did try it, but all I got was a burnt finger. Maybe if you magnetized the allen key the pin would stay on, but I dont think it is really necessary. If you are having a hard time threading in the screws, you could try using the next biggest size drill bit and countersink the holes a little.

Some last thoughts, make sure the pins are in more than less. If the are sticking out over half, the probably wont be there after a double peg or two. And don’t put too many pins in! I am in some Etnies RVM 2 and four pins is more than enough, I could get away with three just fine.

So get out there and put some pins in the old pedals you thought were dead. Turn them into zombie pedals

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