Flangeless Hub Sketch

Ever since I got the Simple Eject hub I have been in love with flangeless hubs, and have wanted a flangeless cassette, but no one has yet to provide one for me to purchase. Kis came out with the Rattlesnake hub, flangeless on the non-drive side, flanged on the drive side, but they aren’t in America yet, and with the exchange rate, $200 is a little to much for me to pay for a hub.

Now, the hardest part about a flangeless cassette is getting fitting in the drivers pawls and spoke heads. My idea is lengthen the driver so the pawls are sitting past the spoke heads. The main problem with this is that the spokes are not over a bearing, making all the load go onto the hub shell. I am not sure if this would hold up, but It is definitely worth looking into. Also, it would require making a new driver. (that is out of my budget)

One thing that I like about this design is that the axle is 15mm the entire length, so the whole hub just slides apart, making it very easy to clean and so on. It is held together by the pressure of the dropouts on the hub-guard and driver bearings, to the bearings in the hub shell to a bearing spacer inside the hub.

  1. Jacob said:

    Cool 3D models. Did you make them yourself? If so what program did you use?

  2. Zach, great job working out your idea. Keep at it and some day soon you’ll be running a whole factory that makes awesome products. 😉

  3. We did make the cassettehub in a flangeless version as well, but have some trouble with a small internal bit being patented.
    We are almost there though.

    • bmxbot said:

      Niels, that is very interesting. Unfortunately, we have already patented it. Maybe that is why you are having trouble? Regardless, you will be hearing from our lawyers shortly.
      Just kidding, I would love to see what you did and I wish you best of luck.
      Thanks for checking out my blog.

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