Broken Badger Bars

Funny story alert! Bear (Nick T) came over a few days ago, and I was working on his bike a little, and then we started riding and he tried to 360 out of the banana and landed 270. His stem slipped on the forks, so he was fixing it and said, “can I ever spend a day riding bikes without something going catastrophically  wrong?” (More or less, anyway) So I said, “a slipped stem isn’t that big a deal.” So, he fixes it and gets back on the bike, we are all ridding the banana and bear jumps out, I look away as he lands and he yells. I turn around and he is holding part of his handle bars in one hand. But it is O.k. because we have a pair of Perfect 10’s.

From what I have heard, Kink’s warranty is really good, and they are figuratively “down the road”

Anyway, I think we are almost to 8,000 views.


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