Fit Eddie V3 Frame Review

Today we have the Fit Eddie V3 frame. Actually, it has been in the basement for the last 2 months, and Tyler has it, so we dont really have it any more, but we had it. 

We had it in 21″ or XL ,with the integrated seat post in clear black.

The first thing I noticed about this frame was the oval down tube. I did not try to dent it, but I think it would take more work than a normal tube. I also liked the extremely  tapered stays.

The integrated seat  post was really clean looking and I would definitely recommend it, unless you only ride your seat slammed. the chain stay lengths of 13.65-14 are very easy to get used to, and according to the Fit website, with 25-9 you can run it 13.25″ 13.75″ or 14″ so it really accommodates everybody. 

The 69 degree seat tube is not really noticeable until you sit down, than it feels like a 21.25″ frame. The 75 degree head tube was a first for me, and I think my next frame is going to have one. The stand over is 8.375″ and it looks just right, not too tall, not too short, but the integrated seat post made it a little hard to tell if I like the stand over or not because the seat was about 2″ taller than I keep mine.

The mid bottom bracket is externally machined, and it matches the Fit head tube. I personally am a fan of really clean looking frames, so I don’t really like the Fit head tube and bottom bracket that much, but there is nothing wrong with them. I just would personally go with a more rounded look.

Top and down tube gussets and a beefy down tube make this frame look really strong, and I would not be nervous taking big drops or landing flat on this with it. (actually, I am always scared taking drops and landing flat, but I would not worry about the frame) Also, the V3 takes pegs. I am not sure what version started taking pegs, but some of the older versions were allergic to pegs.

So, overall, this is a really good, strong, light American made frame you can be proud to own, wether you ride 2 pegs, 3 pegs, 4 pegs, peg-less street like Eddie Cleveland or trails and street, this is a must consider frame. Personally, it would not be my first choice when buying a new frame, only for the cosmetics reason, but I would never think twice about riding one.



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