Best and Worst of 2011

Lets start off with the best parts of last year, if that means most innovative, most sought after or just cool, in no particular order:

1. Kink Sexton seat Definitely a popular item. Maybe it is just because Kink and I are both located in Rochester, but everyone seems to want one, and they sold out in like a day when they came out. I was at rasp when they got some, and Roman was like, “these are the last 10 left.”

2. Éclat Freecoaster  Seems like everyone has forgotten about it now, but it looks really promising. (you will also note that the link takes you to another blog, so read what they say)

3. Ezra Freecoaster What can I say? I like freecoasters. I guess both of these don’t really count as 2011 because they arent out yet, but who really cares? Hopefully it is going to be pretty cheep, light and durable.

4. Odyssey R forks Look really good, if there test is accurate, these are the best forks available. Basically, no one brakes the race forks, so they took the race fork and improved it. What a concept!

5. Fly Tripod seat and post A most innovative idea, especially after pivotal seats become the standard. I have always been a fan of seat and post combos, so this is a logical idea

6. Fly Urbano frame I really like this frame, and I hope this is the direction more frames go. It has a 69 degree seat tube,so that your seat is closer to the back tire, also making the overall feel of the bike shorter, so that is why it comes in bigger sizes, 21″ and 21.4″ Also a steeper head tube at 75.5 and shorter back end. I also like the bars 13 degree back sweep and 0 upsweep. I could see my self riding the set.

7. S&M WTF frame and fork  First off, excuse the language, but I felt compelled to include this because the idea is good, shorten the forks and head tube, use a topload steam and your bike feels the same, but is lighter. Now, it is not the lightest frame, at 4.5 lbs, but the forks are 27 oz. Lighter than fit shivs, the old record holder.

8. Guerra Martyr frame At 3.9 lbs, this is a light frame, now, at $240 this is a really cheep frame. But it seems that most of the weight savings is coming from the press fit euro bottom bracket, or Maltese, as they named it. This is a nother frame that I would like to try.

9. CultxVans shoe I had to add some shoes, right? This is one set of sought after shoes, I dont know why. I personally dont like orange, but what ever.

10. Almond shoes The brand famously endorsed by Mike Grillo. Not really, but he has had 2 pairs, so I guess they are good. They have a good team, and there videos are well produced.

Now for the Worst list. I might not get to 10, but we will see.

1. S&M perfect 10 bars You know what? This is the worst idea of 2011. First off, Dans comp is right when it comes to weight. they say they are 43.5 oz So vital was off by 11 oz. Big deal. Anyway, I know that there are people out there that are really tall, and if you and I want to ride some big bars, we go get a pair of 8.5″ or what ever, and if you are like, 7 feet tall, 8.5″ bars are going to feel tiny. But, I haven’t seen a 7 foot tall man riding these yet. Watch this, and you will get my point. So, if they were a reasonable weight, like 30-35 oz, and they didnt et 12 year olds buy them, they would not be on this list.

2. Cult Dehart grips I don’t know if these came out this year or last, but the ribbed part in the middle is so slippery if forces you to hold  them all the way in, like Dehart. There is no reason for the center part to be ribbed like that.

3. Fit Mac bars When was the last time you saw bars break? I saw a frame break yesterday, but the only time I heard about some bars snapping was Jake P. riding some Kink Lynx bars, some of the lightest 8.25″ bars out. So, why did Sean mac need straight gauge tubing for his bars? How about butting parts that dont need to be strong? And if butting is more expensive, than shouldn’t straight gauge be cheeper?

4. Profile Elite hubs  yeah, 204 points of engagement is cool, but it sounds like a bunch of bees, and lets see you do a 180 with no slack. Did you know that when you land backwards, you need a tiny bit of slack so that you dont just flip off the back when you land.


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