My Bike V3?

Well, here it is, a fancy flip book, some drums and some pretty pictures of it all.

So, I cant imbed issuu on, so you have to click this

But before you do, read a little about my bike.

It’s built around the Simple Bikes Weaver v1 in 21.2″ with a Mongoose headtube badge and a Po’ Boys and Pickles bumper sticker

Some chrome Hoffman Bama bars that I won on facebook, a Sidewall headset with a Kink splash blue headset cap and a Sunday freeze stem holding on to some chrome Fit Shiv forks from Nick

Stolen Team cranks, a set of Odyssey trailmix pedals and a modified 33 tooth Haro sprocket with a KMC hollow chain

Hoffman seat and a failed wedge post mod united seat post from Bear eld on with a simple seat post clamp

Front wheel consists of a Simple Eject hub and hubguard, Black spokes, a Alienation Black Sheep rim and a Shadow overtaker 2.25 tire from Nick

Back wheel is a stock hub with a 10 tooth driver laced with chrome spokes to an Alienation Delinquent rim wrapped up in and Alienation Graffiti 2.2 tire

Thanks for taking a look at my bike.

Maybe this means my blog is coming back for the new year.


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