How to Build Flangeless Wheels.

There are lots of new flangeless hubs on the market now, the Simple Eject V1(the original flangeless bmx hub) V2, Eclat Teck, Khe Astral, Primo N4FL and Kis is even working on a set of flangeless hubs, the back having a flangeless non-drive side.

Why would you want to build a flangeless wheel? Well, first off, they look cleaner. Also, the can be more aerodynamic and stiffer if they are laced 4x, but the most important part is the fact that  you don’t grind on the spokes. Yeah, imagine not breaking spokes. The only down side of a  flangeless hub is that if you break a spoke from landing hard, you have to take off the wheel and remove the axle to replace it. Now, I read on a flatland forum, you cant radial lace them. well, not with standard spokes, but guess what, if you got Tree straight pull spokes, you could. So if you feel like you need to be a hipster, go for it.

To start off with, you will need to know how to build a wheel, and you will need: Flangeless hub, spokes, spoke nipples and a rim. (this is a good calculator to use for spoke length)

Now, to start off with the building, you need to insert spokes into all the inside holes on the right side. next you lace them to the rim, just like you normally would. But, then you need to twist the hub, counter clock-wise, like you would with a normal hub after the second set of spokes. This part can get a little tricky, depending on your hub. If the spoke holes are a little small, it makes it easier because the spokes cut in, and then stay where you left them, but if the holes are a little big, as the ones in this hub were, then you have to hold the hub in place while you do the next set of spokes. The second set goes in, just like the first one, but you need to make sure the hub stays spun, so the spokes are going in at at an angle. I suggest doing the spokes one at a time for the second set, and it really helps if you have someone to thread on the nipples, especially if you have loose spokes.

Now for the third set. You need to flip it back over, so you can work on the first side. Make sure you keep that hub twisted! Now, go ahead and insert spokes into all the outer holes on the right side, and then, if your hub needs four cross lacing, start with one, and go over the first, second and third spoke, and then under the fourth spoke, to the rim hole. Repeat that all the way around, and then flip it over and do the other side the same way. The last four spokes or so can be really hard to get under and then into the rim, but don’t worry, spokes bend more than you think they do.

Well, thats all there is to it, except truing, and then riding and then truing again, and then riding some more, and then truing it again. So, flip though the pictures, because thats all you really need to see to be able to build a wheel. Don’t forget the bunny rabit!

  1. Erlei said:

    hey, could someone post a video of how to build a build with a wheel hub Primo n4fl? and say the size of the spokes, thanks 🙂

    • bmxbot said:

      Hi Erlei, A video is something I have thought about for a while, but I never get around to it. I think that you just might be in luck though. Check back after this weekend.
      Thanks for reading my blog, and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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