Two Days Downtown.

What? I haven’t posted anything in three years? So?

Now, back to business, it was warm a few weeks ago, and we rode downtown for the first time. It was really fun, except that it is about a 40 minute ride to get there. But, once we got on our way it was lots of fun. We only stopped three times before we got out of the town, and then at about four more spots in the city before we actually rode downtown. On Saturday we went to R.A.S.P. from about 3:00 until 9:00 We rode there for a bit, and then we went to Blaise’s house to ride his mini ramp. When we go there we found about half a foot of water on the ramp so we got to work trying to get it off. Mike thought we should just drink it all, but Blaise eventually got the drainage holes unplugged. Then we went to ride some ledges at the Science museum, where Mike did some cool nose bonks, Blaise was trying feeble to barspins I guess I could say I got my freecoaster moves on until the security cart started heading our way. After we took off, we went back to Blaise’s house where the ramp had finished drying off. This is where Josh, Tyler and I felt lame as Blaise and Mike showed us how the mini ramp is done. Blaise aired out over my head. I did learn how to fakie from the coping, which was fun. We the proceeded to legal wall and josh got a flat. At the entrance we met up with Brandon, who rides for Proto Scooters, and another guy that I can never remember his name. Anyway, brandon did some really cool scooter maneuvers over the concrete hip/roller/jump thing, Mike threed it, Tyler opo-foot planted it, it got hop whipped bar spun and an assortment of other cool things. I also lerned ali-oop footplants on it. The best part was that the train tracks `that go behind legal wall were packed up with flat bed train cars holding blades for windmills. If Josh ever figures out how to put pics from his phone on the computer, I will post it up here for you. After that, Josh, Tyler and I went back to the park to change Josh’s tube. After we got that done Mike showed up and apparently Blaise fell getting out of brandon’s car and hit his head, so he went home for the night. Tyler then decided to show me up with his three skillz, and mike was wallriding a box at the top of the street section. The drop off the top of the street section over the wall is about 15 feet. Tyler went home for some chinese food and that left just Josh, Mike and I. I then managed to get my bunny hop game on after riding for about 5 hours. Here are some pictures of the cone that got hopped, 180ed and moto-whipped. Thanks to Nick for taking us downtown the first time, Blaise for letting us ride his ramp and taking us around, Mike for not leaving us to play Ruin Scape and the dude in the golf cart for not arresting us.


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