No More!

Hi, I have decided to stop just posting about all the new blah blah blah that every other blog posts about. Yeah, I am not famous, so no one cares about my stuff. Your not famous, and no one cares about your stuff. There are way to many blogs out there that just blog for the sake of bloging. If you think, oh, I need to write a blog post, then you really don’t need to, because you don’t have anything to say, so don’t say anything. I am going to start only posting things that I make, things that are made by people I know and local things.

So, starting off, Tony Hamlin has a video, Little Dan has two, and there is also one from Larry, who is now in the hospital with a fractured skull.

All of this is filmed by Red Beard, except for one of the Dan videos, filmed by a bunch of people.

So, if you get sick of R.A.S.P. Than you are in luck. Roc City Park had a meeting with the city board, and there should be a write up soon, so I can let you know how it went. Yeah, hahahahaha, I made fun of your blog, blogger.

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  1. lotsofbikes said:

    dude your word press is Neato

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