Odyssey has some new complete wheel colors out, including ocean blue, ano rad and ano blue. Check them out. Also, keep an eye out for the new kelly green and matt teal kits, as well as the safety orange, to be hitting the shops.

Part of the Etnies team took a trip to Spain, and here is the result.

Things are starting to warm up around here, we had some snowfall in the last three days, but it is now 35º with temperatures back and fourth across the freezing line for the next week or two. My brother got him self a nice little camera, a Nikon D3100, so we might just get some decent pictures on this blog some time in the near future. I made some mozzarella sticks a few days ago, and they were great. I will post the recipe on here, because I know that you love food just as much as you love bikes. Start with you cheese, slice it into sticks about 2 and 1/2″ by 1/2″ by 1/2″, dip them in egg and then in bread crumbs. You might need to do this two or three times to get a good build up of crumby crud goodness. Freeze for two hours and then heat up some oil in a pot. take some tongs and place in hot oil for a bout 40 seconds, turn and then remove. If the cheese starts to ooze out into the oil, you let it cook to long. If the cheese is not melted, pop ’em back in the oil for a bit. Now, don’t burn yourself, because I am not responsible, and I don’t know you, and you don’t even have permission read this. Yeah,

When I was at the skatepark, observing Mr. Hamlin casually destroy the park, a little kid gave me a pair of ODI grips, so now my bike looks pretty sweet because they are matching blue. Thanks little Ricky. Yeha, your on the internet now, so you are famous!


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