Hello, it has been a while. First off, I rode bikes with Tony Hamlin at RASP, if you don’t know, he rides for Kink, Etnies, Dans Comp and Coalition, and is one of the best street riders out there.

In the more exiting region of this blog, My personal favorite company, Simple Bike Co, has lots of new parts coming out every day, the Torino forks were just released today, and  if you go to there website, you can see all kids of new stuff, five new frames, the new top load stem, four pice bars, and a mid bottom bracket.

Next, here is newer company that I would like to take a look at, Kis Bike Co. That stands for, “keep it simple.” Now, if you look at the sticker on the new simple forks, it says, “keep it simple.” Two companies with similar goals, the difference is that Kis aims to make the 6mm allen key the only tool you need to fix you bike. Check out there front hub, The Rabbit. Yeah, flangless, but the cool part is the rear hub, The Rattlesnake. Half flangless. Now, thats not as cool as a flangless back hub, but it is a step in the right direction. One other thing that is really cool from them is there seat post. What is there that hasn’t been done with a pivotal seat post? Check this one out, 17mm seatpost. Now if that s not cool, I don’t know what is. The only problem is that Kis is out of England, and most parts are still prototypes.


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