New, Never Before Seen Stuff!

Hello, today we have some good stuff, even though today is not a good day. First off, an interview with zack Phillips, owner of Kink Bikes, so click that link and read six pages of info you didn’t know, along with some “interesting” pictures.

Read this if you like to read!

Also from Kink, we have  a Sean Sexton video, So, watch that if you don’t like to read.

Garrett Reeves is now riding for Gsport, but that doesn’t fix his bars being way to far forward.

It was supposed to be 50º today, sunny with a little rain, but we now have 43º and rain, so all hopes of going out to ride bikes have vanished. You want the newest stuff out? well, before its on the other blogs, heres a new Aaron Ross video, only 8 hours old, so get it while its hot!

Well, come to find out, it is a Vimeo Plus video, so you got to pay to play, blah blah blah, so click the link then. Its good. Two bike in three days!

So, what do you have to say to that? I cant spell, but I get the good stuff first. Maybe I should be making money doing this. I mean, an average of 4 hits a day, I bet I could get some adds up on here. If you really like me, and I know you do, you might just click the refresh button a few hundred times a day, and then I could be rich. Until then, I will just sit around waiting for summer.

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  1. You truly do talk smack, Zach. Keep up the good work – it will pay off someday.

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