Hello everybody. Today, we have a nice recipe, I know what you all read this for. Chicken fried Chicken. Why stop at chicken frying steak when you can chicken fry chicken?

My bike has been having some technical difficulties, manly the fact that my freecoaster doesn’t like the cold. What is happening is that I leave it in the garage and it gets down to -8º and then I try to ride it. Well, bike grease gets really gummy at negative 8, so there is tones of resistance in the driver and clutch screw threads. When I went to pedal, I got a full crank of slack. So, what did I do? I switched to my cassette wheel, by switching my drive side, sprocket, chain and tire. Now, with my ultra light wheel, my bike is (according to the bathroom scale) 21.6-21.8 lbs. Yeah!

Check out Jim Cielencki’s Sunday Model C on ESPN from a news reporters perspective. Austin TX seems real nice this time of year.


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