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Good morning, and welcome to the “blog” Today I have lots in store for you to enjoy, so scroll on down and keep on reading. First off, Big Daddy aka Pat Laughlin accepted my friend request on Facebook. Yes, I know what you are thinking, and the best part is that he was my top friend suggestion. Now, back to real life, summer is near, even if you cant tell. It is 5º while I am typing this, but  look at the weather forecast, dramatic temperature increases throughout the week, ending with 37º and raining on Wednesday. Now, if that isn’t big news, I don’t know what it.

In local news, nothing has happened. Almost. Coalition rider Jake Hamlin was in California a few weeks ago and fell off a wall and broke both his wrists. He should be getting better soon, but you probably wont be seeing him at the skatepark for a few weeks, so wish him well.

Jake Hamlin

SE bikes has a new Stay Strong grip out, in a length that people can actually use, in a compound that people can actually hold on too.  Check them out.


Sunday just got a shipment of there new word bubble grips in ocean blue, red, tan and and white. I think. Check them out and get me a pair of those ocean blue.


Now, get out there and have some fun or do your school or what ever it is you do. Hhahaha

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  1. Jacob U said:

    It was like 70 degrees out yesterday here in NC, its was almost too warm for biking.(almost)

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