Bad News.

Well kids (and moms) Iv got some bad news. I fell off my bike last week and hurt my arms and knee, and I just slipped on some ice today and fell so I probably wont be riding bikes for a few more days. But thats not the bad news. Karl Poynter is off The Shadow Conspiracy. What that means is that there will probably be no signature freecoaster. Yup. We have been waiting since 2007, well, maybe we haven’t been waiting since then. You cant be waiting if you don’t know about it. Anyway, I will find a nice video for you all to watch. Maybe I should try some cooking tips. Or not. Cater to your target audience. Here is a nice one from our friend Tony Hamlin. Check out the flannel. Watch the Dans Comp winter skatepark tour. Check out the flannel. Watch some simple session coverage. Check out the flannel.

Witch brings us to our final topic for the day, Simple Session. The course is done the riders are practicing and competition is starting soon. look, I even made it open in a new window for you. So click it. Watch some sweet stuff. Have some fun. Or dont. Or try this one.

Oh, by the way, we have passed 1,100 views.


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