Blogin’ as Usual.

It started snowing again so we might get some snowscoot madness photos up on this ol’ blog for your west coast snow missing entertainment. (If any one from the west coast reads this, let me know) At the skatepark yesterday, There was a guy doing bunny-hop tail-whips and no footed can cans, started doing 180 to wall rides and was falling a little on the hop back into the quarter pipe so he  said to me “Enough with these serious tricks, lets do some silly tricks.” So he goes off to the box jump section and then does a back flip. Not a serious trick.

One the bike section of this blog (I know thats all you read this for) My new wheel is really nice. It is much faster. I put my bike upside down and spun the front wheel. I then ate a sandwich while watching the Mike Atkien part from an old Square One video. Afterwards my wheel was still spinning.

Transworld BMX posted the top ten most viewed bmx videos of the year and Gerrett Rynolds has the most most watched videos of the year. I think four. Thats pretty impressive. Maybe everyone that says they hate him are just jealous? Well, if you have some time to kill watch the Props Bio and then the Redux.

WordPress wont let me imbed anything but youtube so you will just have click a link. Oh-NO!

Props Bio

Props Bio Redux


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