Bike + Snow.

Snow bikes? What do you think about bikes with skis on the bottom? Can it be the next action sport or just a bad idea? Just like skateboarding and bmx and inline skating and scootering, there are some people that started doing it and every one else thought they were crazy. Then in a few years there are hundreds of kids participating in the sport. Take Scooters for an example, they became popular in early 2000 and then kind of died off in popularity. Then youtube videos of kids doing crazy tricks on them became popular and now there are hundreds of kids just in Rochester that try to do tricks on scooter. I have seen two kids at the skate-park that are sponsored and can do back flips and front flips. Did you ever thin that was even possible? When snowbording started and first started to gain popularity, it wasn’t allowed at the ski resorts and now snowboarders are a major percentage of ski resort income. So can a bike for the snow become a sport? Can you do cool tricks on it? So, come back next week to find out.


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