Snow Scooter.

What started as a snow bike ended up as a snow scooter when I started watching snow bike video and mom said “I dont want you doing that!!!” so I made a snow scooter instead. I took a skateboard deck, cut the end off and then put braces along the big part. I then jammed a 2×4 into the fork and then bolted it on to the axle hole. I then proceeded to screw on the short piece. Afterwards came the fun part, I drilled some holes through the deck of the scooter and then put some screws into the wood blocks. So, does it work? its hard to say because we dont have a hill. I tried some stuff on the drive way and it appears to be sturdy.

  1. Supberito said:

    Cool! It looks almost like one of those thing they drive on Nitro Circus.

    • bmxbot said:

      Thats kind of where I got the idea. The snow all melted today so I haven’t tried it yet.

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