An All New Title! An All New Injury!

Hi. I hurt my hand. So anyway, there is not much going on around here so I changed the name of my blog. I think the name bmxbot is more of a user name, not a blog title. So seeing as this blog is not about me, it is more of a bmx news blast with all the good(bad) ideas I have. So, moving on, I bought some new parts. Yes. I got me a new front hub and sprocket(27 tooth, something I kind of wanted for a while) and a tee-shirt that says “Smooth Jazz tried to kill me”($2) yup two dollars. So, now I will have some things to do in the winter months upcoming. Of course, I know I will have my wheel built in about two days. So moving along to the bottom of my post, I will try to post that great new idea that I had. I am having trouble drawing pictures. There. And remember, The web address is still

  1. Lisa said:

    Love the new name. Nice job. Now go ice your hand.

  2. Jacob U said:

    I like the new name. New parts! thats always exciting, you should post some pictures of what you bike looks like with all the new stuff you have on it now.

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