The Future Is Here! Almost.

Well, I kind of had a good idea involving the chainstays of a bike, not just bmx, but bikes in general. It may work better for fixies or single-speeds because they don’t insist on cramming the largest tire available into the back ends of their frames. T what point is it too much? When your chain rubs against your massive tire? Well, anyway,some of the advantages of this are, you will never hit your cainstays with your chain, if you had a 3/8 rear axle you could run 6 or 7 tooth in the back with a 17 or 20 tooth sprocket. Incorporated with the S&M chain design(more smaller chain links) it would be quit unique. It would also replace the bends in the chainstays and shrink the bottom bracket even more. The best part? I got the idea from a picture of a cake. Yes, the cake in the card Aunty Katie sent.
I will try to draw it out and take some pictures to put on here for all of you to glance at an one of you to steal and sell to Giant Bicycles. I’m not good at drawing.

  1. Katherine Drozdowski said:

    I knew that cake was magical! AK

  2. Mandy Ritson said:

    Way too technical, but interesting!!
    Tell your sweet mom I said Hello!!

  3. Jacob U said:

    It appears that you are fast becoming a bicycle inventor extrordinair! (not sure if I spelled that right) lol

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