Oops, I forgot a title.

Well, Yesterday I went to Rasp after working from 10:30 in the morning to get some money.

What if all my posts were just one sentence? It would be like “The Faceblog.”

Well, back to me, I learned some tricks that I’v been trying for a while now, all with out falling. (hi mom)  so after that I tried to jump of the side of the mini pipe on to the pyramid, it didn’t work very well. I threw my bike.

Stolen bikes is putting out new bars, 8.65″rise. Check them out on the new Morgan Long bike check on Ride BMX. Aaron Ross tires are finally on Dans Comp, get some just to read all the funny stuff on the keys.

703 hits. I must be famous.

Here is Ian Schwartz part from sunday up up and away. He no longer rides professionally, instead he has an organic farm or something like that.

  1. Mandy Ritson said:

    Stolen bikes???!!!

    • bmxbot said:

      Stolen is a company, not actually stolen, but you never know with some of those kids that ride stolen bikes.

  2. Lydia said:

    Happy birthday BMXBOT.
    Hope you had enough meat to keep you strong and happy!

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