some videos.

Well, what started as a post with three videos is now only going to contain 1. I was just about to embed the other two and mom started the microwave. (she denies this) and  then the internet crashed all over the world. so any way. I went to the skate park on saturday for Tyler’s Birthday, rode for 4 and a half hours, ate cake and what not. The next day I went again for a Halloween special, rode from 4;30 to 9;00, cut my shin in about 5 minutes of riding and I didn’t even notice. After a while my pant leg felt wet and I looked down and saw a big blood spot. Hmm. After getting a bandaid I continued to ride, hurting my ankle trying to out do Shian with a barspin, who was trying to impress Danny with tailwhips. Later I fell in the 6ft halfpipe trying a ally-oup. After giving up that trick(fourth time I fell on it in two days) I landed flat on the 7ft, vert wall and box jump. Later that night, once I had mastered 360-to-manual, I lost some elbow skin on the wall ride. Now I am tired, sore, stiff and miserable but I went out and worked up enough money to do it all again next weak.(someone fix the spelling on that one, I know it is wrong, but spell check wont suggest it.


Well there, I put two on, happy?

  1. that should be “week” there sonny. also, you might want to wrap up that loose, unfinished parenthesized sentence with a closing parentheses that looks a bit like this: ) which kind of looks like a smiley face : ) ha.

  2. Jacob U said:

    Mr Jacob Spellchecker here! The correct spelling is week. 🙂

  3. So it was mom who crashed the Internet? Interesting.

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