Hollow-een ay?

Oh, hi, I didn’t see you there. Today were going to talk about riding bikes and waring costumes. The skate park is having a heloween(?) special, $5, so I was planing on going but what about wearing a costume? once when I was snow boarding I saw a kid wearing a banana banana bananananananan(thats a fun word to type, try it some time) costume. well that might work if you ride a super low frame like a Premium low-pez or Colony phantom (now being renamed the lowdown or something like that because Liam left the colony team) but most of us don’t ride scooter bikes. So what other costumes might work, well at the redbull trick or treat jam in New York City there weren’t that many riders with costumes. Big Daddy wore a suit and Mike Brenann wore a Hulk Hogan costume. Well, I am board of this topic, so any way. we got a new key board and it is hard to type on. I am going to find a video.

I stole this from the onlysteeze blog, written by two guys in Croatia who ride for Zion bikes, bet thats another  one you have never heard of.

I was talking to Redbeard at R.A.S.P. last night and found out that there are new Kink bars coming out called the human bars. What started as K.C. Badger’s signature handlebars has evolved into a whole line with the lynx at 8.25(I’v got a pair if anyone wants to buy them) wolf bars at 8.5 and now the human bars at 8.75. I also got to take a good closer look at the Tony Hamlin Solace frame on Redbeard’s bike. Go to R.A.S.P. tonight and ride some bikes or something. Or go street riding on halloween.


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