All kinds of new stuff!

Well, there is a new United product flip book out today. Some new things are Nathan Williams signature grips, new colors and Corey Martinez has a whole new product line called the Beacon. It has a cool light house graphic. He got a new frame with an integrated pivotal post that is at least a fist full. No slammed seats on that one. He also changed his bar hight from 7.75″ back in the day to 8″ and now they are 8.6″. Just when I got 8.5″ and I thought I had big bars. Except his are 26.5 wide and mine are 28 wide. Except he can bar spin and I cant. Also Odyssey is putting out a new chain called the blue bird. It is a KMC 510 or whatever but it comes with a half link installed at the factory. So if you want a half link just shorten your chain from the other side and vis a versa and all that Shenanigans. They also announced that they will be making a new revolutionary chain soon. Heres what they say about it.
The Bluebird is the first production chain that we’ve ever offered for sale, and it stands as the precursor to an all new design that we’ve been working on in various forms since before our “official” collaboration with G-Sport began over six years ago. We’ve developed and abandoned numerous concepts. Some were patented, and something similar to one of them is now being offered by another brand. We are currently in the final ride-testing phases of our latest design, and it’s at the pre-production level, which means that the tooling for full production is nearing completion.

As we continue to test and develop this new design, the rest of us are happily riding the Bluebird, which offers the reliability of the proven 510-HX with the precision of a factory installed half-link. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Heres a funny S&M video. Watch out for the neck tat. You now you want one.


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