Hi every one of my fanatic followers, You might not have seen a new post from me in a while, but it is most likely that you haven’t because there hasn’t been a new post in the last few days. What I am trying to day is that I NEED TO WRIGHT SOMETHING NEW. WHILE (stupid caps lock, it is staying that way though.) I have been on many exiting adventures and and all kinds off awesome stuff nothing has really happened around here. So why don’t you tell me what to wright about and then we might get some interesting stories or something like that. Anyway, so I said to Charley, Simple bikes is having a Super Sale at Sidewall Distro. Buy up that good stuff while it is cheep, just leave me an eject front hub in teal.

My exploits at the local skate park last saturday, I met some friends there, did some sweet lines, learned that decades aren’t that scary and my buddy Jared has a sprocket he made out of titanium. His brother works at a submarine factory for the government so he used $400 worth of plate ti and some expensive mills. now his sprocket is worth more than my bike was last year.

Hi Mom.

  1. Jacob U said:

    Heres something to write about: the correct spelling of the word “write”( 😉

    • Jacob U said:

      oops i meant to put 😉 lol

    • bmxbot said:

      I though I already did that. the reason for my misspelling is because I write this stuff at 8 in the morning, and whatever spell check suggests I use.

      • Jacob U said:

        Ok lol

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