Hub Guard

I made a hub guard on Monday out of a cutting board.
It works like a G-sport G.L.A.N.D. but is thicker and stronger so that the bearing flange of the hub wont be damaged by grinds. I started off by buying the thickest cutting board I could find at Marshals for $6.99. Then I measured the diameter of the hub shell, drew a circle on a piece of paper and then I drew a second one of much larger diameter, making a doughnut shape. Yes, I said doughnut. I then proceeded to cut out the piece of paper and transferred it to the cutting board with a Sharpie. Yup, you can draw on cutting boards with Sharpies, kids. After that I drilled a hole on the inside of the inner circle so I could get the saw in. Then with lots of unscrewing and reattaching the coping saw handle inside the hole I cut out the doughnut. After cutting out the doughnut I got out the Dremal tool to grind a bevel shape to the inside hole so it would fit against the hub shell. Than I used an old rasp kind of plane sander grinder thing to put a bevel to the outside edge. I then drilled some holes in it to zip tie it on to the spokes. Once I was finished I put on three pegs and did some grinds to try to out. Now I need to make one for my front hub. The spokes are so bent on the grind side that my wheel sits off center.

  1. jacob U said:

    Thats a really cool idea, although I dont see how i could ever use it, grinding is way above my ability lvl. 🙂

    • bmxbot said:

      I don’t know about that, all you have to do is jump up and to the side a little, land on the pegs and then slide or hop back off. Try it on something a little bit taller then your pegs, like a one foot tall ledge. also don’t grind on the side that your chain is on because you will bend the sprocket.

  2. kevinblayn said:

    holy hell, this is exactly what i’ve been needing to stumble upon. thanks man, i’m just glad you posted this, because i’ve been making and destroying front hub guards out of random stuff for the last two years, and this post of yours is what finally saves my spokes.

    • bmxbot said:

      Hay man, I am glad I could help. Maybe I will make a “How To” because it seems like a lot of people are searching for it. Have fun and thanks for reading my blog.

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