New Super BMX Energy Health Food!!

Here is a problem that I am sure has plagued all of you before; you go to the skate park, pay your admission fee, ride as hard as you can because you see that one of he Kink employees is there with his kids but then you start to get tired. Well how are you going to get sponsored if you are sitting on the sidelines eating that snow cone?
So here is the solution for all of your problems. Try this before you go to the park and you will have boundless amounts of energy.
What you will need is:
1 slice of bread, preferably hole grain.
1 Tbs of catsup
1 can of sardines, in soy oil

Start by toasting the slice of bread, open the can of sardines and fork them out onto the slice of toast. Apply catsup evenly.
after you have finished make sure to clean up the awful mess you made in your mom’s kitchen and the go ride your bike.

  1. Yeah! Power food. I bet this same recipe would work for corporate boardroom warriors. You know those three hour meetings to review profits and losses can be brutal.

    • bmxbot said:

      Thats why all the pros bring doughnuts to meetings.

  2. Jacob U said:

    W8 so do u actually eat this energy food b4 u go 2 the park or were u just kidding?

    • bmxbot said:

      You now when you are hungry but you have just eaten every thing els in the house, well that is when I eat this.

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