BMX Fashion Week, Day 1

To start off BMX fashion week we will take a look at complete bikes.

With new lines from Sunday, Fit, Haro, Stolen, WeThePeople, United, DK, Redline, FBM, Colony, Eastern and Felt we can see what is popular.

The most notable thing that is going on right now is removable brake mounts. Strait cables are in and there are not very many gyro’s. Only haro has surprised us with the option of front brakes.

Another fad is pro model bikes. While these have been around for a while, there are a lot right now, from the the in-tire Fit pro team to Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Daniel Dhers, Bruce crisman and more. While the Fit completes are not really pro level, the KHE completes are amazing. Daniel Dhers signature complete is 19.5 lb. The only problem is that it has a straight cable, and if you see him ride, you would notice that that wouldn’t work. Unless he is riding brakeless.

Another feature that I am happy about is top load stems. You can find them on almost all the Fit pro bikes, the new Stolen Cheater XLT and on a WeThePeople. So now I am “cool”, yah, I’v been doing that for two years now.

Also with frame geometry, top tubes are getting longer and lower, though not as low as the “scooter” trend that we all loved and miss. The average top tube length is between 20.75″ and 21″ while bars are getting bigger, the average is 8.25″x28.5″-29″ Except Bruce Crisman’s complete which has 8.75″

Another trend is “how many  after-market parts ca we get on this bike and keep it a complete?” While last year everyone was using Odyssey parts and Odyssey parts are inherently expensive, every bike had Odyssey Twisted PC pedals and Team grips. Well, besides Sunday you can get a lot more originality now. Here is a list from the new WeThePeople Envy : WeThePeople Envy frame, WeThePeople grips, WeThePeople stem, Éclat brake, lever, cable, pedals, cranks, front hub, rear hub, rims, seat, sprocket and WeThePeople tires. That leaves you with stock bars, fork and bearings.

Seats have seen an improvement since last year. A lot bikes had super slim plastic seats to save weight and money but they looked kind of weird. Now we are seeing a lot more padded seats so maybe companies have found ways to save weight on more important things like forks and bars.

Talking of forks, there are tones more high quality forks since last year, most of them tapered for more weight savings.

When we come back I will cover colors and the likes.


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