The Vote Is Unanimous

Well he votes are in and the decision is made. Here are the results:

Stolen team cranks-$130 33 oz, life time warranty. 1 vote

Demolition medial light 2.0-$140 27.5 oz, 1 year warranty, Ti spindle. 0 votes

Demolition medial 2.0-$120 31.5 oz, 1 year warranty. 0 votes

Nitrous Thruster cranks-$75 33.5 oz, no warranty. 0 votes

DK Social cranks-$115 33 oz, 1 year warranty. 0 votes

Thank-you pollsters, you have helped make an important choice easy to make.

or maybe it is because I’v only herd about 2 sets of Stolen team cranks break. One was a 180 pound kid that jumps off roofs with his bike and the other was Kareem Williams. If you know about him it is understandable. and he was jumping of the side of like a 15 stair set. Twice.

Also some of you might have noticed a new category called “My Bike” Now I can talk about my bike and all of you get to read it. Wahoo.


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