Bent Cranks?

My cranks are bent.

Time for some new ones.

Here are the options:

Stolen team cranks-$130 33 oz, life time warranty.

Demolition medial light 2.0-$140 27.5 oz, 1 year warranty, Ti spindle.

Demolition medial 2.0-$120 31.5 oz, 1 year warranty.

Nitrous Thruster cranks-$75 33.5 oz, no warranty.

DK Social cranks-$115 33 oz, 1 year warranty.

Let me know what you think and I will buy you a pair too.

  1. Jacob U said:

    I think I might be a little late but im’a say the Demolition medial lights look like the best deal. (btw I will be waiting for those cranks to arrive in the mail any day now.) đŸ˜‰

    • bmxbot said:

      Well I went with the stolen team cranks because they are stronger and have a life time warranty but if they didn’t have them then I would have gotten the demolition light.

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