$16 For A Spoke?!?

I broke a spoke on my new freecoaster yesterday so I switched to my cassette and kept on riding. So today I went to the bike shop to get a new one, waited a while and then the guy handed my my wheel back with the spoke installed. I took it up to the counter and the guy sad “O.k., that will be $16.30.” I said “what?” and he said $1.30 for the spoke and $15 for truing the wheel. I told him I only asked for a spoke so he said O.K., to day is your lucky day, that will be a dollar thirty.

That is the tail of how I bought a $16 spoke to day. Moral of the story is always try to have a different mechanic do the work than the one that took your order so that you end up with a spoke installation and wheel truing for free.


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