Simple Bike Co. Weaver frame Review

Mitch Yeats Signature frame, 4 lb 7 oz, 74.5 degree head tube, spanish bottom bracket, fully heat treated, black to grey or teal to light blue fade, with or without brake mounts, engraved head tube logo and star shaped cut outs in the seat and chain stay caps, $300.

I got one in 21.2″ top tube with the black to grey fade and starting off, this is a great looking frame and the attention to detail is very high. I love the star shaped cut outs in the seat and chain stay caps. The head tube engraving is very cool looking but it comes with a sticker over it so you cant really see it. The fade is very interesting because it is just black on the front half and gray on the back half but it has a sticker that gives it the the stripy fade look. The spanish bottom bracket is externally machined for weight savings and is post weld machined internally. The top and down tubes are multi-butted and there is an external down tube gusset at the head tube. The seat and chain stays are tapered and the dropouts are micro. When I say micro I mean micro. They are just bigger then normal 14mm axle bolts.

I really love the way this frame rides, it is great for park and trails. Manuals are very easy and the geometry feels just right for big drops. I would definitely recommend this frame for any trail, park and tech riders. I am not sure how it would hold up for abusive street riders, who might want to look into a more dent proof frame such as the sunday funday or wave. Not to say it cant handle hand-rails and ledges, it is just that it is a very light frame.

So far the only problems I have had are cosmetic, the main one is that the clear coat one the grey half of the frame flakes of very easily. The first frame I got was very bad so I e-mailed Simple and they sent me a new one. It is not as severe but still a noticeable flaw. The other problems I have had are very minor. One is that the brake mounts are to long for my brakes so every time I drop my bike they rattle. This might just be me needing to put spacers on or find a different set of brakes. The other problem is that the seat post is so short that my seat post clamp sticks over the top.

The hit’s: Very light, spanish bb, star cutouts, engraved head tube, very easy to ride, full heat treatment.

The Misses: Clear coat flakes of, could use an integrated seat clamp.

Overall I would definitely buy one again or recommend it to a friend. Just remember to buy a slim seat post camp.

8 out of 10

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  1. Great review, BBot. Well written and informative.

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