How to Add Style to Your Ride

Snazzy Bike

Was snazzy

1. Start with matching colors or a theme. A good example is blue and white or buy all parts in one color like purple, even though they wont all be the same shade of purple it will look snazzy.

2. Get bigger bars and then drop your stem so that when you spin your bars, they barely  clear your top tube.

3. Slam that pivotal seat. it is pivotal isn’t it? No style in a flag pole.

4. Take your brakes off and cut those mounts off, or get a brakeless frame.

5. Get the smallest driver and sprocket available to man. I’ve heard rummers about a 5 tooth driver. 14-5 is definitely the way to go.

6. Get rid of those cheese graters you call pedals and buy some pc pedals.

7. Get off the computer. (Does that mean my bike isn’t stylish?)

8. Put a playing card in your spokes for that great, old fashioned, CLICK CLICK CLICK.


  1. funnyfrenchtoast said:

    bmx huh i like bmx i have a 2007 haro x 1 its “snazzy” see my siet u board?
    my bike is red white and blue blue frame back rim is red grips red handle bars white forks red seat white so it pretty sweet

  2. So, how do I make my BMW snazzy? Any tips besides letting you drive it?! 😉 Good job on the blog, Zach. Keep it up.

    • bmxbot said:

      Thank you Mr. Gastin
      You could start with nitrous, a bigger sound system, underbody lights and fluorescent yellow rims.

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