First Smack!

I am starting a new category today. Talk’in Smack With Zach will be an article that will come out once or twice a week and will be filed with all the latest news, opinions and random rubbish that comes into my head.

Starting off, Brad Simms is on Alienation. Maybe we will see some signature grips or something soon. Matt Beringer crashed and is in the hospital, not really sure what happened but you can do some digging on the ‘net and let me know.

Profile hubs are every where. 85% of the people at R.A.S.P. last night had them, but are they really that much better? I cant stand the way they sound, I like more of a grrrrrrrrrrrr noise compared to the wwwhhhizzzzzzz that a Profile makes. But as someone pointed out, “they are [explicative] dope dude, if you get one you will never go back.” Go back to what dude? A normally priced hub? A good looking hub? A freecoaster? By the way, I am not complaining just because they are expensive, its just, how do you justify an extra one hundred dollars? Just because it is [explicative] dope? Pleas let me know.

Thank you for reading Smack with Zach. pleas leave your thoughts at the bottom of the page and maybe I will talk smack about them next time.


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