Today I am starting a new direction on the blog. I will be writing about filming and photographing bmx, aimed at people like me who started riding and just like me, took up an interest in visual arts as a way to document and share the adventures they have with their friends. That is how I started and probably every professional filmer and photographer in bmx right now got their start in the same way. Picking up a camera and going out with their friends to capture the good times. So take a look, ask questions and get ready for some fun and informative articles that will cover everything from gear to shooting to editing.

You can check out the first instalment here: The BMX DSLR GearĀ and the rest will posted up on the menu as pages so they don’t get lost. I hope that you enjoy these and find them helpful. Feel free to post in the comments with any questions you might have, suggestions for future post or share your preferences and opinions and I will do my best to answer or help out.

And remember. Stay crispy.

Whats cooking? Been a long time since I posted here. As you can see, I added my flickr to the sidebar so the page will stay semi-updated. School starts on the 3rd. I guess I could post all kinds of fun engineering stuff here. That would be a blast.

I got a photo on The Come Up last month. You can see it here

Also got a photo on a local clothing company’s page. That was pretty cool. See it here

Other than that, I went on a road trip with Mike and Nick to massachusetts and Rhode Island. That was fun and there is a video coming out at some point. I really have been so busy that I did not get to ride as much as I wanted this summer but we have still gotten some good times in.

Mike was stoked to go to the trails today. Come to find out, he was only interested in the hotdogs.
We got the box pretty much finished between arguing about basketball teams and trying to get mike to work. Other than that, we found out that we don’t know how to cook a hot dog. We did find clay though. That is going to make things a lot better. Unfortunately, we don’t have a wheel-barrow so we have to dig next to the jumps.

Nick surveying

Bear Looking



Uncle Boom Howzer cooking up some back-woods grubKetchupping

The only work Mike did?Mike and Nick working

Dog-faceMike Nick and Nick

Blackened dogMike walking

Little Wegmans run with Big Money himselfMike Shopping

Yup, I guess I have been cooking up a bit of a storm. This was great.
You need any combination of the following:
Tater Tots
Taco Sause
Sour Cream
Chopped Black Olives
Grated Mexican Cheese (Not seasoned taco cheese)
Taco Meat (Ground beef, cooked with some chili powder and cumin, salt and pepper and a little garlic)
Black Beans (Add them to the taco meat about halfway through cooking)

Just take the tots, cooking as directed, put them on the plate and then sprinkle with finely shredded lettuce. Not too much, we are not making a taco salad. Then you need to sprinkle on the taco meat and black beans. Next a little sweet corn. You want a nice bit of salsa because the tots can be a bit bland if you don’t have enough. Follow it up with a good layer of cheese. Pop it under the broiler for bonus points. Actually you just lose points if you don’t do this. After the cheese is melted, it is time for a nice bit of guac and a blob of sour cream. Finally, pour on some taco sauce in a spiral. Start at the center and drizzle your way around to the edge.
The final step. Eat it and get ready to make another one.
This is great for using up left-over Taco Tuesday. I love Taco Tuesday. I also love food.

We started digging again. We are renaming the trails Corn Bread Hills. Nick is Uncle Boom Howzer, Boom Hollar, what ever you want. We are deep in the backwoods of Rochester, and we are getting serious. Really, we are only in it for the excuse to grill food in the woods.


From now on, I am tagging all my posts with “hot babes” so I get more traffic

It was warm yesterday, and Mike wanted to ride. Then we took a pichur or two. Shooting into the sun is not fun. My eyes felt weird afterwards. And the Helios just falls apart. The flare is quite awful, and there is so much less contrast. Like, you don’t even understand. EVerything gets soft(er) too. Not your typical magazine cover shot as far as quality goes.
Of course Mike could still through the bars after not riding for months. In fact, he did a 180 bar before he did a straight bar-spin. I cant wait for summer when we can just go out and cruise in the warmth all day.

Mike bars two